Finding your way through the Norway Knowledge training programme

The Norway Knowledge training programme is delivered online so it may take you a few minutes to find your way around the site.

Getting Started

Register your agency details and your contact information. Read the terms and conditions and off you go. Once you have filled in the registration form you will receive an email with your unique User ID and Password. Remember to keep this safe as it is unique to you.

To login, just click on the Login button.

If you experience any problems you can call a member of the Travel Uni team on 020 8649 7233 or by email on:

Course Structures

The Norway Knowledge training programme is split into modules, with a short test after each one. If you pass all modules with 70% or above you will be able to download your certificate. Your percentage mark converts into points and you can see how well you are progressing at all times and against your colleagues (and competitors) by visiting the League table which is found in My Profile.

The My Profile button

This is an important button, here you can update your personal and company details. You can also see how you are performing by clicking on the League Table and when you pass your test at the end of each module, this is also where you will be able to download your certificate. The test can also be re-sat should you get a mark less than 70% and again this is accessed through the My Profile button.

Moving through the modules

You can move through each module by using the navigation bar on the left side of the page or by using the arrows at the top of each page.

Taking the exam

The exam can be accessed from the left hand navigational bar via the Exam button located at the end of each module. If you click on this you will go straight into the exam. It will be timed and should only take about 10 minutes (maximum) to do. When completed, your exam will be submitted and marked immediately. You will then be able to find out how well you did and which answers you got right (and wrong). Once you have completed one module exam you can then proceed to the next. Remember to go to the My Profile page to download your certificate. Though you do not have to do this immediately as all information is stored.

Other sections on the Norway Knowledge training programme

The News button: Click on the News button and you will find the latest news plus details of roadshows, fam trips and special events. As a Norway Knowledge Specialist, you will be the first to know about what we are up to and the first to be invited to special events.

The Search Facility

If you are asked an unusual question by a potential customer, and you have only completed a small bit of the Norway Knowledge training programme, then you can use the search facility to find out further information. Just type in your keyword and suggestions will pop up. Alternatively, you can look through the other modules at any time.

Log Out

When you have finished training, just log out by clicking on the button.